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New Recipes

I’ve added a few recipes to pasta, sausages and beef.

Christmas Recipe

Added White Christmas Rocky Road to the Sweet Stuff page today.

It’s a melt in your mouth kind of recipe.

New Recipe

I know its been a long time however I’ve added a few new categories (Sausages and Seafood)  Checkout the new recipes…

Enjoy the food…

Exercising with a Cause

I have been an avid runner for many years.  I started to run when I accidently made the cross country team in year 8 (1993).  The top 10 across the line on carnival day made the team.  I was number 10!!!  While still at school I ran in the competitions set out by the school (TAS, Districts, Regionals and the occasional fun run).  Since leaving school I found that I haven’t had much reason to run other than to keep fit and enjoy the occasional chocolate cake guilt free!!!

In the last 2 years I have found a purpose to my running.  And this has helped me to improve my running.  I’m now exercising with a cause.  15 years ago this year I lost my mother to breast cancer.  My sister and I, sick of watching other mothers and daughters celebrate Mothers Day, decided that we needed to do something for all those Daughters who had lost their Mothers the same way we had.  So we formed the team “WE RUN FOR MUM” to raise money for Breast Cancer Research by running 8km each Mother’s Day.

This year we have set ourselves the impossible task of raising $10,000.  And with 5 weeks to go we are struggling with our task ($1440).  Please find it in your heart to sponsor us.  All donations no matter how small are happily accepted.

Sponsor us online or contact me to organise through PayPal or some other means.

New Recipe 8th Feb

New recipe just posted – Roasted Capsicum and Tomato Soup – check out the soups page!

Is Bread Killing us?

Was recently reading this article about the changes in the ways bread has been manufactured since the 1950s.  And how in the 50s when major bread companies replaced the bakery on the corner bread went from being allowed to ferment over 8 hours to fermenting in 2 hours.  The article went on to say that there was a sudden increase in the number of people who developed allergies and gluten intollerances.  The author also went on to say that some people today who have these allergies and intollerances can still eat the long ferment bread and not react.

I wonder if this really is the case?  Could we solve some people’s allergy problems by changing the way foods are created, processed and/or produced?  Is our food killing us?

Welcome to the New Look JulieCookbook Website

Welcome to the new JulieCookbook website.

It’s been a long time comming but now, new and improved for 2009 and the future.

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